Our hearts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by Hurricane Ida. BCM’s Board of Trustees and senior management will continue to communicate with grantees and philanthropic partners as we navigate the Hurricane Ida crisis together. In the meantime, BCM will continue to fund ALL of its existing grant commitments.

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Invitation Only Grants

In addition to the grants made available to the public, BCM also offers a suite of grants for programs that are by invitation only. All such grants are approved by the BCM Board of Trustees. There are fours types of “by invitation” grants: Strategic, Opportunity, Core Funding and Trustee-Advised.

Strategic Grants are targeted disbursements to enable staff to carry out specific strategies adopted annually by the Board of Trustees as part of BCM’s Business Plan. Staff often uses eligible organizations and local and national consultants to implement Board-approved grantmaking objectives. Current priorities include: Health Service Delivery Integration, Improving the Quality of Programs and Criminal Justice System Alignment.

Strategic Grants

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Opportunity Grants support compelling funding opportunities as determined by the BCM Board of Trustees. They are often time-sensitive in nature. Some examples are Baptist legacy programs, flood-relief grants and selected capital projects (to name a few). These investments are closely tied to BCM’s Vision, Mission and Values.

Opportunity Grants

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Core Funding Grants provide funding to support an organization’s general operations over an extended period of time. The Board of Trustees selects a recipient for Core Funding based on the importance of the organization’s mission to the community. These grants are rare, and BCM has only one Core Funding grantee at this time.

Core Funding Grants

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Trustee-Advised Donations (TADs) are matching and non-matching grants directed by individual BCM Trustees and Grants Committee Advisors payable directly to community organizations.

Trustee-Advised Donations (TADs)

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