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BCM’s Chaplaincy Services division provides spiritual care and consultation to individuals, groups and institutions, regardless of their religious affiliation. Chaplains minister to those in need by helping them utilize their own spiritual resources when dealing with a crisis or experiencing trauma. They contribute to a holistic style of care that honors the individual while attending to the needs of the body, mind and spirit during the healing process.

BCM chaplains are theologically educated, clinically trained and nationally board-certified by either the Association of Professional Chaplains or the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. This exceptional group is comprised of chaplains from a variety of Christian traditions who are professionally trained in providing emotional and spiritual support to those in need. Their ministerial skills are influenced by a theological background which stresses the ministry of presence and acceptance.

Sites and Chaplains


Children’s Hospital
Chaplain Allen Mitchell, serving since 2001
Chaplain Barbara Duke, serving since 2006

Touro Infirmary
Chaplain Jane Mauldin, serving since 2008

Tulane Medical Center
Chaplain Tina Balentine, serving since 2015

University Medical Center
Chaplain Debra Guidroz, serving since 2013
Chaplain Philip Peavey, serving since 2015

West Jefferson Medical Center
Chaplain Karen Haserot, serving since 2017
Chaplain Rhonda Feurtado, serving since 2018

Long-term Care

Covenant Nursing Home
Maison Orleans

Chaplain Rene Dorsey, serving since 2008

Criminal Justice

New Orleans Police Dept, District 2, District 6, & Headquarters
Chaplain Joe Cull, serving since 2004

New Orleans Police Dept, District 7 & District 8
Chaplain Faith Berthey, serving since 2010

New Orleans Police Dept, District 1 & District 5
Chaplain Byron Putnam, serving since 2018

New Orleans Police Dept, District 3 & District 4
Chaplain Ken DeSoto, serving since 2018

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