CommUNITY in Action

Dear Friend,

My name is Doug. I am a BCM Police Chaplain serving the Greater New Orleans community. Recently, I was at a Mid-City coffee shop. Gun shots rang out. Coffee shop patrons hurried inside seeking shelter.

As I ran toward the noise, I heard a faint voice calling for help. The victim was lying face down. I asked, “Are you okay? What happened?”

“He shot me!”

“Okay. I’m Doug. I’m a chaplain with the police.”

I stood up and unclipped the police radio from my hip. I searched for the correct channel to make a transmission. Chaplains listen. Our voices aren’t supposed to sound over the air, only in private conversations.

I took a deep breath and made the call. Before the dispatcher could answer, an officer responded, “I’m headed your way!”

Rain began to pour down. I asked the victim his name. He told me. I gripped his hand firmly. Looking over his body, I was relieved not to see much blood. I thought, “I need to keep him calm and talking.”

“Help is on the way. You’re going to be okay. I’m staying here with you.”

The rain began to pool. I rolled the victim over to keep his face out of the water. He seemed to be winding down like a toy running low on batteries. I began to pray out loud for him to have strength and keep holding on. I prayed for life and hope.

Soon everything around us began to shine with flashing blue lights. An officer arrived to render first aid. EMS pulled up. I gripped the victim’s ankle as we gingerly lifted him out of the puddles and onto the stretcher.

The sun began to shine as I ducked underneath the crime tape and walked towards my car. I silently uttered a prayer of thanksgiving. “God, I know you created me for moments like this. Thank you for using me.”

Each year BCM’s chaplains make over 100,000 personal connections with people during their most trying times. There is still more work to be done. We need to raise $7,000 to reach our $100,000 goal. Your gift of $25 or more can help us continue to provide critical and compassionate care to your neighbors. Care that you may need someday.

With your help, we can continue to change lives for the better.


Doug Daspit, BCM Police Chaplain