Congregational Wellness

A source for health and healing

Church Nurse Education Program

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Congregational Health Promoter Program (CHPP)

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Strategies to Trim and Reduce Project

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Congregational Wellness creates ministries in the Greater New Orleans area by educating church members to implement wellness ministries within the congregations and communities they serve. Wellness ministries include programs that faith-based groups administer to promote the health and well-being of its members.

Our Programs

Congregational Wellness, a division of BCM, acts as a source for health and healing through these programs:

Behavioral Health Initiative for Pastors (BHIP)

Addresses the stressors pastors face in their daily ministry

Church Nurse Education Program (CNEP)

Trains registered nurses on how to jumpstart health ministries in their own churches

Congregational Health Promoter Program (CHPP)

Trains health advocates, community leaders and church members without a nursing background on how to begin health ministries

Strategies to Trim and Reduce (STAR) Project

Advocates for improved blood pressure control and weight reduction in congregations

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In collaboration with the pastor and leaders of their congregations, the church nurse and lay health ministers guide the ongoing transformation of the faith community into a source of health and healing. Congregational Wellness assists in sustaining these ministries by providing continuing education, congregational assessments, retreats, quarterly wellness ministry meetings, networking, technical assistance and a host of other program services.

Teaching Aids

In our continuing effort to provide technical assistance to wellness ministry leaders, resources are available. These resources include wellness-related books and other teaching aids.  To schedule a time to look at these resources, contact Gretchen Dobbins at 504-593-2363.

Resource Manuals

There are no resource manuals to download at this time.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is offered to qualified churches after training has been completed.

Technical Assistance includes, but is not limited to:

Quarterly Wellness Ministry Meeting (QWMM)

There are four quarterly meetings per year that are free for active Wellness Ministry Leaders. These meetings are designed to assist Wellness Ministry Leaders, share informational resources, celebrate church network achievements, and inform the network on Congregational Wellness programs and fellowship. Additionally, continuing education units may be offered.

Wellness Ministry Leader Activity Report