Everyone’s a STAR

by Charlene Buckner, STAR Project Participant

Six years ago, I weighed in at 420 lbs. I didn’t realize how out of shape I had become. I wanted to be healthier but didn’t know where to start.

During a church service, my pastor and his wife, Shelia Collins, spoke about pursuing a healthier lifestyle through prayer and clean living by partnering with BCM’s Congregational Wellness team. Sheila urged me to sign up with her to participate in BCM’s STAR (Strategies to Trim and Reduce) Project, a 10-week weight loss and blood pressure control initiative.

This is where making healthy lifestyle choices and my incredible weight loss journey began. STAR taught me how to self-manage my health conditions. I learned about body systems, nutrition, and exercise.

STAR motivated our congregants to share scriptures supporting the virtues, strength, and endurance it takes to lose weight. I learned how to monitor my portion sizes, increase my physical activity, and how prayer and daily reflection can provide inspiration.

Through STAR, I finally felt supported.

Sheila and I leaned on each other and our STAR group for support. We met several times a week to walk together in our neighborhood, which helped to keep us all motivated and accountable in reaching our health goals together as a team. Through STAR, I finally felt supported. I now coach other women through their own weight loss journeys—all because of BCM’s STAR Project.

Today, I am 150 lbs. lighter! I can honestly say the STAR Project saved my life.

Hypertension and obesity are two of the most common issues affecting people across our community. Since its inception, STAR has provided weight loss and hypertension reduction techniques to over 1,250 people, just like me. Thank you, BCM, for helping our community to get healthy and stay healthy.

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