Strategic Grants

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Education Grants Awarded

  • Agenda for Children

    New Orleans Early Childhood Education

    To increase access to high quality care and education for families in the five-parish Greater New Orleans region
    3/1/2023 – 2/28/2026


  • Policy Institute for the Children of Louisiana

    Geaux Far Louisiana: Unified and Accessible Early Childhood Services

    To improve the quality and accessibility of early care and education in the five-parish Greater New Orleans region
    4/1/2023 – 3/31/2026


Strategic Grants and investments go to support projects and organizations related to BCM strategic priorities. Current areas of investment include: Community Behavioral Health & Wellness, Early Childhood Education and Prevention & Diversion:  Youth Development & Reentry Support. Current investments are outlined in the color bar above.

Early Childhood Education

In the Education focus area, BCM engages partners working on broad-based systems and policy approaches to early childhood education as well as faith-based organizations serving the needs of families to provide:

  • Quality seats for all children with particular focus on low-income and marginalized communities
  • Professional development and retention – Workforce preparation, professional skill building and long-term field retention
  • Financial sustainability strategies for expanded seats and salaries
  • Faith-based provider learning collaborative

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