Strategic Grants

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Health Grants Awarded

  • Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund

    Mapping Success in Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative

    To help identify best practice models for trauma-informed schools and program evaluation strategies to assess impact


  • Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund

    Trauma Informed Schools Training-of-Trainers (TOT) Project Expansion

    To infuse into school culture an understanding of the impact of trauma and create physically and psychologically safe environments that will ultimately help students heal from trauma and thrive academically, behaviorally, and emotionally


  • Crossroads NOLA, Inc.

    Trust-Based Relational Intervention - Meraux Elementary

    To elevate the educational experience of K-2 students and teachers at Meraux Elementary School in St. Bernard Parish by training and coaching teachers in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®)


  • Jefferson Parish Public School System

    Trauma-Informed Schools in Jefferson Parish

    To expand the number of trauma-informed schools in Jefferson Parish and build capacity district-wide to implement trauma-informed practices


  • Louisiana Public Health Institute

    Trauma-Informed Schools Learning Collaborative: Impact & Accessibility

    To develop a communications plan that outlines how the collaborative will engage and establish accountability with its stakeholders in building the capacity of schools, students, and parents to create transformative change in education through the adoption, implementation, and sustainment of trauma-informed, healing-centered practices


Education Grants Awarded

  • Agenda for Children

    New Orleans Early Childhood Education

    To increase access to high quality care and education for families in the five-parish Greater New Orleans region


  • Compassion Outreach of America

    Fathers Matter

    To create and maintain an environment that prioritizes father engagement as a critical factor in strengthening families


  • NOLA Business Alliance, Inc. (NOLABA)

    Parent Leadership Training Institute

    Under the management of the Mayor's Office of Youth and Families, to provide training to parents to help them develop the civic skills necessary to connect with education and government officials, analyze civic issues, and bring about change in their communities for improved early childhood education


  • Policy Institute for the Children of Louisiana

    Louisiana Prenatal to Three Initiative

    To improve the quality and accessibility of early care and education in the five-parish Greater New Orleans region


  • Stand for Children Leadership Center

    Early Care and Education: Amplifying the Need

    To create a variety of media that will elevate the need for and benefits of early care and education


  • TrainingGrounds, Inc.

    We PLAY Center's Home Field Advantage

    To ensure high-quality early care and education by engaging home-based and family child care centers


Public Safety Grants Awarded

  • Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund

    The New Orleans Gun Violence Policy Lab

    To provide support for the creation of the New Orleans Violence Policy Lab, a collaboration between the City of New Orleans and Tulane University to build a multi-disciplinary research approach for assessing predictors of community gun violence and driving innovative programmatic prevention efforts


  • Arts Council New Orleans

    Outside the Box

    To cultivate young people's sense of belonging and connection to their community as they transform public spaces through art and express their voices in a positive way; teach youth tangible professional and entrepreneurial skills that expand their future job and educational prospects; and promote socio-emotional well-being through a caring and creative environment


  • Center for Restorative Approaches

    Restorative Justice Diversion Program

    To interrupt trajectories of delinquent behavior and the lifelong challenges caused by involvement in the criminal legal system and provide a healthier, more holistic response to juvenile crime


  • Old Algiers Main Street Corporation

    Equity Rising

    To provide career opportunities in the Old Algiers community, comprised of the Algiers Point, Whitney, and McDonogh neighborhoods of New Orleans


  • Pelican Institute for Public Policy

    Justice Reinvestment and Civil Asset Forfeiture

    To continue to increase public awareness of and transparency in Louisiana's civil asset forfeiture laws, with hopes of ultimately eliminating current civil asset forfeiture processes; to proactively protect and advance criminal justice reforms in light of rising crime rates across the country


  • Ubuntu Village NOLA

    Integrated Navigation Services to End Arrest & Detention (INSTEAD)

    To create an early intervention alternative to incarceration program that holistically addresses underlying needs and reduces interactions with the criminal legal system


Strategic Grants and investments go to support projects and organizations related to BCM strategic priorities. Current areas of investment include: Health Service Delivery Integration, Improving the Quality of Programs and Criminal Justice System Alignment. Major investments over the past five years are outlined in the color bar above.

Health Service Delivery Integration

BCM’s Health Zone is advancing the health service delivery integration (HSDI) strategy to improve primary care and behavioral health coordination across Greater New Orleans. Through partnerships with direct service and systems-level partners, BCM seeks to improve health outcomes and service delivery for those with behavioral health needs. Additionally, BCM’s investments aim to support a trauma-informed community that yields better outcomes; limits additional harm; and enhances quality of life.

Improving the Quality of Programs

BCM’s Education Zone is advancing two key strategies to advance learning opportunities across Greater New Orleans. First, through our key partner, the New Orleans Youth Alliance, BCM supports the New Orleans Youth Program Quality Initiative (NOLA-YPQI) and broad collaboration among youth development organizations. Together, these groups use evidence-based practices to improve the quality of programs that serve young people in our community, collaboratively solve common issues organizations face, and innovate new ways of elevating youth voice and leadership. Second, BCM is exploring opportunities to support access to quality early learning. We hope to share more about our early learning strategy later in 2022.

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