Increasing Chances for Survival

by Deborah Nettles, NP, Church Nurse

One of the best decisions I ever made was to become a church nurse.

As a nurse practitioner living in Greater New Orleans, I often saw patients who struggled with health issues. My church members were no different. Many did not see a doctor regularly and they often came to me for health advice.


At BCM’s Congregational Wellness quarterly meeting, which trains church nurses in promoting health ministries, BCM emphasized the benefits of a KEEP (Kidney Early Evaluation Program) screening. KEEP screening is free to the public and tests for signs of diabetes and kidney disease.

Thanks to help from BCM, I set up a KEEP screening at my church. My husband attended for unity and support and decided to get screened. Days later, his test results indicated abnormalities. He set up an appointment with a nephrologist who diagnosed him with Stage 3 Chronic Renal Failure and Follicular non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My husband immediately started chemotherapy. Currently, he is in remission and receiving chemotherapy to prevent rapid recurrence. Never did I think a KEEP screening would impact our lives the way it did.

BCM was instrumental in increasing my husband’s chances for survival. Your support will help save lives. To donate click here.