Labor of Sorrow and Joy

One Story from a Hospital Chaplain’s Ministry

labor-of-sorrow-and-joyI got a call to labor and delivery. A young couple who were very excited about their baby had the terrible news that their baby died during the delivery. It was a shock and a great sadness to them. I stayed with them for a couple of hours as they held the baby and loved the child and entrusted the baby’s spirit to God. We said a blessing to the baby and prayed together. I truly felt God’s spirit and love in the room through the tears.

As I was leaving their room that afternoon they said we trust God will help us again to have a child. And I said when you do, and I too trust that God will bless you someday with a living child, please let me know so that I can come celebrate with you.

Approximately one year later I got a call to the labor and delivery unit. As usual I expected bad news because when the chaplain is called to labor and delivery it is usually to support a family who is suffering a loss. However this morning to my incredible delight I was ushered into the room of the same sweet young couple who looked up at me with broad grins.

“Chaplain, the mother said, please come meet our daughter.” And she lifted up to me a pink healthy beautiful little baby girl. We laughed and cried together and they asked me to say a prayer and a blessing for their daughter.

Their faith once again strengthened mine as together we prayed to God who is with us in sorrow and in joy.

Jane Mauldin
Touro Infirmary